Greetings Sun & Earthlings! Before we get into the activities we just wanted to say congratulations to all of the graduates of 2015!  You are the future and we can’t wait for the innovations you will bring to the world.

Now that graduation has concluded and school is out for the summer, the kids have a lot more free time.  All of us at Sun & Earth came up with a list of fun family activities to keep you busy during summer break!  We love any activities that involve spending time outside, moving around, and breathing fresh clean air – so take a look!

Little boy and girl in the park having a picnic.

A fun way to pass time while bonding with your family is to have a sunny afternoon picnic.  Pack a big blanket, healthy food and drinks, and head to your favorite outdoor spot.  Whether it’s your backyard, the beach or a local park all you need to do is lay out the blanket, open your picnic basket, and enjoy spending time with your family away from the house.  Just make sure to keep the ants out of your picnic basket!

Young boy exploring nature in a meadow with a magnifying glass looking at a ladybird

Another simple and versatile activity that works for both rainy and sunny days is an A-to-Z scavenger hunt.  Just tell the kids to find something for each letter of the alphabet and they will be busy for a while so you can focus on getting things done around the house.  We love the simplicity of this scavenger hunt because there is no list to create, and the kids can be creative with their choices.  Good luck finding the xylophone and zebra at home!

People look in the telescope to view the night sky.

We saved the best for last with our final suggestion, twilight stargazing!  Summertime grants you the clearest view of the celestial bodies that make the skies their homes.  Summer skies are so clear that it does not matter if you are in the countryside or in the city, you’ll still be able to see the rings of Saturn when you look up.  Set up a telescope and teach your kids a bit about the solar system, different constellations and the universe.  This simple activity can be done any night with clear skies, so let the stargazing begin!

As always, we love hearing from you!  Please share your own activities, tricks and comments on the Sun & Earth Facebook page.