May is Physical Fitness & Sports Month so we’re bringing you some tips to help you be more physically fit!  Exercising at work may not be on the top of your to-do list, and some exercises would earn you more than a few stares (we’re look at you burpees and mountain climbers). In addition to taking the stairs and parking in a far away parking spot, there are some discreet exercises you can do during the day. We’ve compiled a list of 7 deskercises (desk exercises) you can do at work without anyone batting an eyelash. Most of these deskercises can be done from your chair.

  1. Glute Squeeze – Here’s an easy one to start with.  To start toning and to get a lift in all the right places squeeze the buttox and hold for 5-10 seconds, then release. Do this for 3-5 minutes or until the glutes tire.
  2. Seated Leg RaiseDidn’t get the raise you’ve been hoping for? Try this out instead. While sitting, straighten one or both legs parallel to the floor and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg(s) back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Repeat for 15 reps.
  3. Thigh Toner – Seeking another quick and inconspicuous deskercise? Find a ream of paper, phone book, or anything just as thick.  While seated, place it between your knees and press your knees together to engage the inner thigh. Continue squeezing for 30-60 seconds while checking your morning emails or listening to your voicemail.
  4. Shoulder Shrug – We don’t recommend this move during meetings or while sitting down with your boss. All you have to do is raise both shoulders up towards the ears, hold for 5 seconds, then release.  15-20 reps should activate your shoulder muscles.
  5. Perfect Posture – Another completely discreet move coming your way.  Make sure the feet, hips, and arms are at 90-degree angles to the floor. Engage the core to keep the back straight throughout the day. Don’t sit back and don’t lean forward for this one to work.
  6. Ab Squeeze – Here’s yet another move you can execute covertly when walking down the hall or sitting at your desk. Take a deep breath and suck in your stomach to engage your abdominal muscles.  Stay squeezed for 10 seconds and release. Repeat for 12-15 reps.
  7. Lone Wanderer – This one will require you to get up out of your chair about once an hour. Spend 5 minutes walking to say hi to some coworkers or a new employee. Or, instead of dialing your managers extension to ask them to approve your expense report, walk over and put in some face time.

You can find many more office workouts by visiting Greatist, which provided us with the inspiration for this post.