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Sun & Earth: Care About Clean

care about clean

In 1988, Sun & Earth began its quest for a better way to clean. We wanted to rid toxic chemicals with harsh smells and mysterious names from our living rooms, kitchens and baths! We set out to prove that cleaning products made from harmless ingredients could perform as well as the leading brand.

Sun & Earth: Clean Home. Clean Planet.

clean home. clean planet.

We’re committed to sustainable practices. All of our products are made with plant-derived ingredients that are natural and non-toxic. They contain no petroleum- based ingredients, bleach, chlorine, ammonia, dyes, phosphates or perfumes.

Sun & Earth: Bright. Green. Clean.

bright. green. clean.

We’ve built our reputation on creating products that are harmless to people, pets and the environment and always clean as well as the leading brands without harsh chemicals. Generations of satisfied customers trust our products to remove unwanted grease, dirt, stains, and odors.

our history


More than twenty-five years ago, the creators of Sun & Earth began their quest for a better way to clean.


After extensive research, Sun & Earth launched our original formula all-purpose cleaner made from coconut and orange oils - with brilliant results.


Sun & Earth is rated the most effective all-purpose cleaner in an all-natural formula and out performed all other Environmentally Friendly cleaning products.


The Fresh Lavender scent is launched.


Sun & Earth becomes the First Green Windpower-Operated facility in Pennsylvania.


The EWG gives Sun & Earth Laundry Detergent and 9 other products an A+ rating.


Good Housekeeping rates Sun & Earth as the #1 all natural all-purpose household cleaner on the market


Ruff! Kobe, Sun & Earth’s Resident Pup, is adopted.


Sun & Earth adopts full transparency policy and releases all corporate policies.


After many months of careful preparation and planning, we officially announced our new look. Even though we refreshed our style, we’re still using the same safe and natural formulas you and your families love.

people are talking

“Of the ready-to-use products tested, Sun & Earth All Purpose cut through our greasy mess best, especially on countertops.”

“Sun & Earth has been in the business for more than 20 years, making healthier cleaning products. To me, that’s a testament that they’re doing something right, and were trendy before green was ‘cool’.”

“The smell is fantastic and the feeling it leaves on my hands is priceless! Did its job and hands didn’t feel dry.”