Strong Green Clean Manifesto

We love our homes.

They’re where our hearts are, where our families grow, where we begin and end each day. Just like us, homes come in all shapes and sizes—high-rises, row houses, cottages and castles—but we all want them to feel happy, safe and clean. For too long, we’ve been told that to get to the clean part, we have to put up with toxins, harsh chemical smells, and formulas that harm animals and the environment.

There’s a better way.

We don’t have to compromise clean to keep chemicals out of our homes. We can have living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms that shine like the sun, and breathe easy knowing there’s nothing in the air or on surfaces that doesn’t come straight from the earth.

We won’t settle for Good-Enough Green.

We want formulas that work just as well as chemical-based brands, but made only with ingredients that are actually found in nature. We want them non-toxic and cruelty-free. And we want them to either smell fresh, pure and natural, or not at all.

We want the best of both worlds. Naturally.

Strong like the sun. Green for the Earth. Clean and healthy for you.

Sun & Earth

our team

Sun & Earth Team - Jani

Hello! I’m Jani!


As a business owner, it is a privilege to be able to work with my husband and four wonderful children to provide clean, safe, and effective natural cleaning products for families just like mine. I work hard to treat our customers and employees with the same compassion and dedication I give to my family. It is an absolute joy! When I’m not working, I love spending even more time with my husband and children!

Sun & Earth Team - Howard

Hello. I’m Howard!

Vice President of Operations

I am an experienced entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses with my family. I am more excited than ever to be involved with a company like Sun & Earth. My family and I are so happy to work together to employ people in our community and create products that are safe, healthy, and effective. Aside from work, I love being outside and tending to the gardens around my house.

Sun & Earth Team - Joseph

Hi, I’m Joseph!

Chief Operations Officer

I play a few different roles here at Sun and Earth. From customer assistance, to marketing, to hands-on work in our factory…I do a little bit of everything! I love Sun & Earth and everything it means to my family, our customers, and me. When I am not working, I enjoy playing baseball, football, and Frisbee. I also love to travel as much as possible. Fun facts about me: I can speak Mandarin Chinese and I played college football!

Sun & Earth Team - Kobe

Ruff! I’m Kobe!

Sun & Earth’s Resident Pup

I love spending time with my family. My hobbies include: doing laps in my pool, chewing on my favorite toy, and hanging out with Howard while he’s gardening! I really love carrying around freshly washed socks, especially ones cleaned with Sun & Earth Light Citrus Laundry Detergent.