Greetings Sun & Earthlings! We hope you had a great and healthy 4th of July! With summer in full swing we’re writing this blog to give you a few tips to being greener in the summer. We’ve tried these easy tips ourselves and had positive results saving energy, cutting electric costs, and simply feeling better going about our days knowing we’re doing our part to protect the planet we live on.

Clothesline and laundry.Hang it Up: The sun can do a lot of the work we let our other household appliances do.  One of the easiest changes to make in the summer is hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer.  Let the sun do the work you would normally reserve for your gas or electric dryer and you completely cut out that source of energy consumption all summer long.  And in more temperate climates you can keep this up all year.  Just remember to regularly clean your line to remove sap, dust, and other particles so they do not get on your clean clothes.

Two happy brother with umbrella outdoors. Collect and Conserve: It rains a lot here in the summer and that water can be put to good use.  Collect rainwater to water your garden and help prevent drought.  Attach a collection barrel to the downspout of your gutters and it will start filling with every rainfall.  Use this water anywhere you would normally bring your hose… fill the bird bath, water the garden, wash your car, etc.  By reducing the amount of municipal water you use you will cut the amount of energy required to pump the water, as well as preserving water in the event of a drought.

Ombres chinoisesSun Power:  Another tip to reduce your energy consumption at home is to use solar power.  The easiest and most inexpensive way to incorporate solar power would be to use solar lights.  They provide free light once they are charged by the sun and shine for several hours.  Consider spreading them throughout your yard to add to the ambiance of a night outside, or try placing them along sunny window sills to charge during the day, then spread them throughout your home at night.  If you’re up for the challenge and the investment purchase solar panels for your roof to provide your home with free energy all year.

Butterfly on a violet flowerButterfly Sanctuary:  If you love beautiful butterflies fluttering in the breeze then you’ll like this suggestion.  Butterflies play an important role in the environment by pollinating fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Turn your yard into a butterfly sanctuary by growing native leafy plants that caterpillars like to eat (the friendly folks at your local garden center can help with that).  Also throw some nectar rich plants like mint and verbena in the mix so butterflies can drink up.  Put out some water in a bird bath or other shallow container to give them the moisture they need to survive.

Just a couple simple tips for you today.  We believe that making a few small changes at a time is a great way to transition into a new, greener lifestyle.  You’ll nice that if you make the changes gradually instead of all at once it’s much easier to stick too it and not feel overwhelmed.  Let us know if you try any of these tips and how they worked out for you.  If you have your own suggestions you’d like us to add let us know on our Facebook page.  Until next time!