With the change of seasons, you may find yourself searching for activities to do with the kids.

Here’s a list of fun fall activities you can do with your little ones:

Visit a farmer’s market
Taking your kids to the local farmer’s market or outdoor festivals is a great way to explain how farmers grow and produce natural crops. Challenge your children to identify different fruits and veggies that they might not have seen before or seasonal items such as pumpkins or squash. This is also a great way to get kids out of their comfort zone and trying different foods!



Rake leaves together
Getting kids involved in yard work can seem rather difficult at times. Playing in the leaves before raking allows kids to burn off some energy before raking them into piles. Explain how seasons change, why leaves need to be raked and the importance of composting to make fall chores educational and fun.



Go apple picking
If you live close to an orchard, apple picking is another family favorite for the fall season. Kids love to be able learn how apples grow and what they look like in their natural environment without all the added wax preservatives found on produce in stores. This is a great way to have your kids taste the different kinds of apples and pick their favorite!