Turn a new leaf during harvest season by making easy green changes!

Go greener by making small changes everyday that benefit you and the world around you.

Reuse a plastic shopping bag to pick up trash on walks or when out and about.  Get to know the little critters whose habitat you’re saving.

Spend time in nature by exercising outdoors or taking your lunch break outside.  Green spaces are shown to reduce stress.

Grow your own basil.  Make delicious pestos, or add a little fresh spice to your cooking.

Leave your shoes at the door. This reduces cleanup (water, vacuum energy and your own!) and chemicals from the outdoors in your home.

Save on air conditioning and heat bill. Leaving the blinds open during the day will let in more heat. Leaving the blinds closed will cool off a space.

Hang up and air dry  your clothes rather than using your dryer.  You’ll save on electricity and keep clothes longer.

Photos taken by Amanda Ricci at the Conshohocken Community Garden.