We’ve rounded up our best tips for healthy eating for national nutrition month to share with you.

Avoid added sugar.

Not all sugar is bad for us. Sugar occurs naturally in all fruits and vegetables, and those are undeniably very healthy! The danger comes along with refined sugar added to products. Even products you would never suspect contain sugar have sugar added to them! Always check food ingredient labels to see if sugar (or any of these other 57 names for sugar) is listed as an ingredient. And if you have a craving for sweets that just won’t quit, have a piece of fruit instead and you’ll be surprisingly satisfied.

Spice up your life.

A diet can become daunting when you feel like you’re always eating the same foods. Combat that feeling by adding spices, herbs,  a pinch of lemon zest, or a squirt of lime juice to your regular dishes. These additions have pretty much zero calories, but they will make your recipes more exciting and appealing. By making small changes your won’t feel like you’re eating the same foods every week, even if they are flavorful fruits and vegetables.

Choose better carbs.

You don’t have to cut out all carbs in order to lose weight and eat healthy. In addition to the carbs from fruit and vegetables you can also enjoy starchy carbs from breads and rice. Chose to eat whole grain breads and brown rice over the white varieties, or have pumpernickel and rye bread, or potatoes. These contain resistant starch, a metabolism boosting carb that keeps you full longer. What’s worse is white bread is bleached using the same kinds of bleach that is used in laundry and residual chemicals are found in the bread.

Snack smarter.

When your stomach is rumbling around 3:00 in the afternoon don’t reach for the chips or chocolate. Have a filling and nutritious snack like cut veggie and hummus, protein packed nuts and seeds, or even a granola bar from the vending machine. You might be surprised how many artificial ingredients are found in one small bag of chips or cookies, plus they offer very little in terms of nutrition. Make every meal and snack work for you instead of against you.