Our homes should be a sanctuary where we can find peace and relax after a long day. Sometimes we get caught up in our to-do list and our sanctum starts to drain our energy.

Simple measures like enhancing natural light, organizing, furniture arrangement and using natural materials can add a sense of peace and calm in the home.

We’ve compiled a short list of tips to help transform your home into a restful abode.


When the home is filled with stuff our eyes have no peaceful place to look. File the paperwork, put the toys away and don’t let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Also, don’t allow flat surfaces to accumulate papers and trinkets. Clear them off and keep them clear, leaving only the gadgets you use every day.

Cables and cords can be an eyesore and can add to the feeling of chaos in a room. Invest in some cable ties and tidy up the area behind the TV or computer where all the wires sprawl about. Instant improvement!


Sparkling sinks and floors give any home an instant revival. Plus, cleaning supplies are much cheaper than installing a new bathroom or kitchen! Keep a set of cleaning products in the bathroom – we have one set under the kitchen sink, why not have another set in the bathroom?

Of all surfaces to keep clear, make sure the kitchen counters are empty. This allows you to use the counters properly: spreading out ingredients for cooking or reading a recipe. They’re also easier to wipe down when they’re free from clutter.

Make your bed each morning, smoothing the sheets and pillows; this simple task can go a long way towards making a room look pleasant and somewhere you want to rest. Best of all it only take a minute.

Scents around the home can bring a feeling of respite, so clean up using our lavender products to promote relaxation, or use our citrus products for a boost of energy.


Every home needs storage, it helps manage the clutter and keeps everything in its place. There are many creative furniture and home organizing items out there that can be both functional and attractive, so pick your favorites and add them to your home.

Storage boxes that fit under the bed can organize the kids’ things or make a great place to store your winter/summer clothes during the off seasons. Woven baskets and bins can look great on shelves for storing the loose items and paperwork that otherwise would have piled up on an end table or countertop.

Stack matching plates and bowls together instead of piling mismatched items up, it looks orderly and investing the time to match them together means avoiding hunting for the complete set in the future.


Color can impact us in a profound way, affecting our mood and energy. Painting can refresh tired walls instantly, and an entirely different shade can create the impression that the whole room has been redesigned. Soft and neutral colors have a calming influence in the home.

Plants not only bring a little nature into the home, they can also help to clean and re-oxygenate indoor air. Add some plants to areas that you like to sit, or kitchens that look bare. Adding plants near technical gadgets can offset the plastic feel and bring balance to the area. Keep the dining room fresh with a vase of flowers, potted plant or candles on the table, and keep the clutter off!


During the day a room can appear light and airy, when the evening arrives a room benefits from soft lighting to make it more relaxing. The warmth and ambiance of lamp light creates a cozy space.

Floor to ceiling curtains or drapes can also provide a cocoon-like atmosphere at night time. While natural sunlight does wonders for us, it’s nice to be cozy in the evenings.

With these tips in your repertoire you’re well on your way to turning your home into a restful sanctuary.