11737986_10153216767724261_7617414884184527167_n Inspiring. The main word that comes to mind in reflection about BlogHer. On both a personal and company level BlogHer was filled with inspirational people with the drive, determination, and ability to set goals, work hard to achieve them, and spread their stories.

After the energetic build-up that came with planning, traveling, and arriving at the Hilton, the moment had finally come to show off our hard work. After setting up our newly updated booth, we began the first block of speaking with various bloggers and interesting entrepreneurs. There was barely a quiet moment in the booth as we excitedly showcased our brand new look to the crowds. When the clock hit 8 nobody in the room ready to say goodbye for the night. Conversations continued and inspiration from peers had started to bloom within one another. The energy at the event this evening was overwhelming with its positivity and carried us throughout the rest of the weekend.
11233080_10153200503834261_8513707371907305912_n Day two was highlighted with words of wisdom from the mid-day speaker, Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth spoke about the development of her company, Goop, and the hard work and passion that engulfs her everyday decision-making. She also spoke about personal triumphs and gave heartfelt advice as to how to make sure you stay true to yourself and your vision, even if things aren’t always going your way. With inspiration never letting up, we found ourselves splitting time at the booth so we could all have a chance to explore other companies and their passionate ideas. As we explored, we came across interactive booths that allowed us to showcase our silly sides with photos and dress ups. The interactive booths provided us with many ideas for future events and how to showcase our social media while in person. We weren’t the only ones exploring either! Neighboring booths stopped by frequently and the camaraderie was unexplainable. The positivity continued and the long day didn’t slow the energy and excitement in the slightest. 11703306_10153395535963808_5710018757818374757_n


As if walking around the showcase, bouncing around our booth, and exploring the city wasn’t enough, we found ourselves adding an additional work out the morning of Day 3- reloading our sample bins! COO Joseph and our marketing assistant, Kristin, took on the task of carrying 4 boxes of samples up to the booth in one trip. Needless to say, they needed a bit of rest after collapsing at the booth in a mixture of exhaustion and laughter! After making a full recovery, the crew went back to chatting with neighbors, potential business partners, and new sun and earthlings alike! Day three flew by and we could hardly believe how quickly the time was passing! Everyone we spoke to remained uplifting and energetic, constantly reminding us why we love doing what we do. When the showcase day concluded, we made our way to the after party where the energy continued. With delicious food, and entertainment from Boys II Men and Nick Cannon, we couldn’t think of a better conclusion to a wonderful event.


The Sun & Earth family thanks each and every person who took the time to chat with us at our booth or allowed us to hear about his or her passions and personal experiences. This event showed us how a “meeting of the minds” can bring out the very best qualities in the people around us and motivate us to be better than we were before. We certainly gained an unimaginable amount of support, insight, and motivation, and for that we are forever grateful.





Stay Sparkling!

-The Sun & Earth Family