When it comes to buying in bulk, you’re doing your part to preserve the environment, and keeping your money in your wallet!

You’re saving more than a few dollars.

We’re passionate about preserving the environment and doing as little damage as possible. One of the most effective ways to lessen your environmental impact is to reduce the amount of recycling and garbage you’re generating. Some people have become incredibly good at this, like the author of this blog. All of her waste from a full year fits into a small mason jar. This can be accomplished in many ways like repurposing objects so they don’t end up in the trash, buying products without containers or excessive packaging, and bringing your own reusable shopping bags to the store to name a few.

Sun & Earth engages in all of these activities in our effort to keep the planet healthy. We reuse boxes whenever possible to prevent the need to produce more. We refill bottles for our customers at a discounted rate (if you’re in the area and want to try this just give us a call beforehand). We give away our empty 55-gallon drums to be used as rainwater barrels.  We also give out reusable shopping bags with any order over $50 to encourage customers to bring their own bags to the store.

Refills sound great! How do I start?

If you’re not in our area, coming to our factory for a refill is probably not in your daybook. A few stores near us offer refill stations so check your favorite natural grocer to see if they can help you out. MOM’s Organic Market, Whole Foods, True Value, and many others offer Sun & Earth laundry detergent refill stations so you can use the same bottle over and over again. We found this app that allow you to find stores that sell in bulk.  These stores also offer a wide variety of food items in bulk: nuts, coffee, cereals, grains, beans, and even tofu. You can bring your own containers to fill, which will give a second life to that pickle or sauce jar you were going to recycle, and eliminate the need for a box, can, bag, or jar the item would normally be packed in.

If these stores are also out of your area, we can still help you. We offer our products in 1-gallon (on sale all August long) and 5-gallon sizes so you can refill your easy-to-use sizes. By buying gallons and refilling your bottles at home you’re saving some green, and you’re preventing more bottles from entering a landfill or recycling center. If you’re buying 5-gallon sized products you’re preventing even more trash from being produced, and the 5-gallon bucket has many uses once it’s empty. Check out some creative ideas here, or pop ‘5 gallon bucket uses’ into your search engine.

There are many more ways to reduce your environmental impact and reduce your trash production. Do you have a capsule wardrobe or do you grow your own vegetables in the summer? Let us know what you do to reduce your impact on our Facebook page!