Hello natural cleaning enthusiasts! As Halloween approaches, most parents want to ensure that kids have fun. Do you also want to make sure that your kid stays on the healthy track as we enter the eating holidays? Here are our wellness tips for a strong start on Halloween before Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner come along.

  1. Most people already give out tons of candy and food on Halloween. Why not step out of the circle and hand out sweet treats for the eye instead? Some great treats are:
    • Crayons
    • Sidewalk Chalk
    • Pencil Cases
    • Small Crowns
    • Stickers
    • Temporary Tattoo
    • Glow-Sticks
    • Erasers
    • Small Play-Doh Containers
  2. Keep the kids active! Set up a competition to see who is the most active during trick or treating.
  3. Walk from house to house instead of driving your children. If houses are too far apart, ride a bike! It’s always fun.
  4. Make sure to eat a fulfilling family dinner before going out to trick or treat.
  5. Put candy stashes out of the reach of the children and limit it to 3 pieces of candy a day, starting at lunch.
  6. For big candy or candy bars, cut it into smaller pieces and/or freeze the candy bar.
  7. Make 2 piles of candy. One for candy that will be eaten, and one for unwanted candy. Consider donating the candy or selling it to be donated to Operation Gratitude, a charity that sends care packages overseas to American soldiers. Don’t forget to call first to see if your donation will be accepted.