Sun & Earth Brand Ambassadors

Who is sun & earth:

S&E formulates cleaning products that work just as well as chemical-based brands, but made only with ingredients that are actually found in nature. We want them non-toxic and cruelty-free. And we want them to smell fresh, pure and natural, or not at all.

We want the best of both worlds. Naturally.


Who are Sun & Earth AmbassadorS?

They are students that are passionate about the environment. They want pure and natural when doing their laundry or cleaning their bathrooms. They want to be the next generation that makes a difference. They love talking to people, are outgoing, know how to use social media, and have a passion for making money.



Influencers use their unique voice and social traction to promote Sun & Earth by sharing their referral code for with friends, family, and followers on social media. Earn $5 every time a first-time customer makes a purchase with your promo code. Every first order will be at 15% savings too.



Work closely with Sun & Earth HQ to learn and develop marketing strategies for your city! Build your resume and gain real-world marketing experience!

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