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Cleans Better. Naturally.

Choosing Natural

Your Guide to Green Clean


For Your Family

Most major household cleaning brands use abrasive chemical compounds in their products to remove dirt and residue, mask odors, and remove stains. Many of these compounds are known to be toxic to humans and animals, and can leave behind dangerous odors and residues. Sun & Earth’s products are created with living things in mind. We use essential oils and plant-derived cleaning agents that are effective at cleaning but harmless to people and pets. We design all of our products with your loved ones’ health in mind.


For Your Home

Each of our products is formulated to perform as well or better than leading synthetic cleaners, so you never have to worry about choosing between clean and safe. Our team works hard to develop natural, plant-derived solutions for all of your household cleaning needs, and we’re updating our formulas all the time to bring you the most effective cleaners available.


For The Earth

Sun & Earth is fully committed to ethically and environmentally responsible practices. The first company in the state to purchase 100% wind power, our factory saves around 76,000 sq. feet of cardboard every month by recycling our own packaging materials. We never test on animals, and use only biodegradable, plant derived ingredients. We believe in making sustainable choices to safeguard the planet and future generations.


Making Wise Choices

It’s no secret that we’re proud of our unique formulas, and we’re just as proud of all the bad things we leave out. We love proving that the best things in life come from nature and that we don’t need harmful ingredients or animal testing to create safe, effective products that you and your family will love!

Just Say No To:


✖ animal testing or ingredients

✖ petroleum-based ingredients

✖ synthetic fragrances

✖ chemical preservatives

✖ artificial dyes

✖ phosphates

✖ allergens

✖ bleach


The Sun & Earth Difference

We deliver effective, natural cleaning products and solutions that put health first.

We are dedicated to creating products that are effective, natural and safe. Unlike many conventional household cleaners which use petroleum-based materials, we make our products with plant-based, naturally derived ingredients to keep your family—and the planet—safe and healthy.

Strong like the sun. Green for the Earth. Clean and healthy for you.


All Sun & Earth products are:

Cruelty-free assures that no animal testing is done in any phase of product development

Kosher for Passover All Year Round.

Vegan. No animal bi-products are used in the making of Sun & Earth products.

Proudly made in Pennsylvania, USA.