Peter & Donna Witonsky


We are thrilled to be running Sun & Earth.  This is a culminating point in our lives where we can work and aid our community with both quality jobs and quality products.

We have a history of successfully running businesses.  Our primary theory to success is once a product has proven itself, we surround ourselves with talented, excellent people who wake up every morning believing that they can do better.  We have found that both our products and business prosper following that philosophy.

Besides loving our work, we have a daughter in college, who will become part of the Sun & Earth team one day.  You will meet our chocolate lab, Jack, who mostly manages his naps, but is always a willing listener.  We are fortunate to be able to bring him to the office with us.  In our spare time, we are travel nuts who love getting a little lost in foreign countries.

It is our sincere pleasure to be at Sun & Earth, and to work, daily, to better your cleaning products experience.  We are always available to you.  We would love to hear your ideas and experiences.